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Singapore's Best Driving Refresher Course


Rusty Driving? No confidence?

Many of us after obtaining our driving licenses don't necessarily buy a car straight away in Singapore. Cars are expensive here and they take time to save up, plan and finally purchase. By then, it can be years later since you've gotten your Driving License wanting to start driving again.


Defensive driving is an important skill to master before you go on Singapore's roads. Why risk damaging your brand new car to save up on $200-$300 for a Certified Traffic Police Driving Refresher Course? Much more important than that, why risk the safety of yourself and your family?

Here at SgDrivingInstructors, each and every of our refresher specialist instructor is well-equipped with the knowledge and wisdom to help you refresh your driving to today's modern standards and to help you gain back lost confidence on the road.


Cars are provided for free (with insurance) so you do not have to worry about damaging our instructors' cars, it is included in our nett price driving lesson rate. Our instructors' cars are even fitted with passenger brakes so they can intervene if you can't handle e.g. stressful lane changes, or merging traffic.

Click the button below to be paired a refresher specialist driving instructor now.

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With over 35 years of teaching and driving experience each, our Traffic Police certified instructors are here to help you refresh your driving to today's standards and help you gain back your Confidence on the road.

Our Private Driving Instructor Driving Refresher Course includes (can be tailor-made to areas where you prefer to refresh on):

- Vertical & Parallel Parking Practise 
- Highway Driving
- Lane Changing, Filtering, Merging
- Blind spots checking
- Multistory carpark parking 
- U-turn, stop signs
- Overtaking

There are No minimum amount of lessons to commit, pay per each driving lesson as you go, giving you the most flexibility.


Excellent Real Reviews From Our Past Students

Uncle was very good at providing tips and tricks on the road and what to look out for. This helped me a lot after not driving for over 5 years.

Gwen, 35

I have not driven for over 10 years before engaging an instructor from SgDrivinginstructors. Their instructor helped me thoroughly refresh my driving and now I am read to collect my new car.

Mark, 32

SgDrivingInstructors provided me with a very patient uncle that explained in detail how to drive safely and defensively. Highly recommended. 

Pei Wen, 29

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a screenshot showing good reviews about
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How do I get started?

Kindly WhatsApp us at 8118 0135
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3. Write 'Refresher'

To start your Refresher Driving Lesson today.
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Over 10,000+ trainees and counting.. Teaching Only with Our Hearts & Souls

Friendly Teaching

Our instructors teach with joy and a smile as we believe a happy place is the best learning place

Patience in Teaching

Patient teaching as we understand you have not driven in a long time and can be nervous

Efficient-tried Methods

Only applying the best methods, refined through years of experience

Cheapest, Affordable Rates

From just $65/hr, classes are affordable and worth your while.

Convenient Pickup Locations

With pickup points all over Singapore, so lessons are convenient for you to get to

Confidence on the road again is just ONE STEP AWAY.

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