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SSDC private insrtuctor

Finding a SSDC private driving instructor? We got you.

SSDC Private Driving Instructor in Singapore


You have just passed your Basic Theory Test and am now looking for a SSDC private driving instructor to get started with your driving lessons. You have came to the right place. At Sgdrivinginstructors, we assign and matchmake you the most suitable Traffic Police Licensed Private Driving Instructor to ensure you have the most help in passing your TP driving test on the first try. 

Why Our SSDC Private Driving Instructors Stand Out

  • Expertise and Certification: Our SSDC Private Driving Instructors are all highly traind with decades of driving and teaching experience. Furthermore, they undergo Singapore's Traffic Police rigorous screen and licensing process to ensure they are best fitted for the job. Our instructors are here to ensure you have the highest success rates of passing your practical driving test on the first try and putting you on the roads of Singapore in the quickest amount of time.

  • Personalized Learning Experience: Each instructor combines their decades of teaching experience to ensure that all lessons are tailored to fit each student's unique needs, learning style and pace, making your learning process more efficient and enjoyable.

  • Flexible Scheduling: No matter how busy or erratic your schedule is,  Sgdrivinginstructors will do our best to arrange a suitable ssdc private instructor to accommodate to your busy and erratic schedule.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: All our driving instructors are equipped with vast knowledge and tools in their arsenals to help impart their practical driving skills, road safety knowledge, and test preparation tips to you.


Always putting on a smile to ensure the best driving learning experience and process

High Passing Rates

With decades of teaching experiences, our instructors are equipped with the best knowledge to ensure that we have the highest passing rates for our trainees amongst private driving instructors in Singapore


With our meticulous negotiation skills, we have negotiated the most affordable rates for you to ensure not to burn a hole in your pocket

Pay As You Go

Unlike the other driving schools in Singapore where you have to pay a lump sum. We employ a Pay-as-you-go financing plan. This ensures there is flexiblity in lesson payments for you.


Our driving instructors are well placed at strategic pickup points all over Singapore to ensure you don't have to travel far and long to get to your lessons 

Top Tier Experience

SgDrivingInstructors is the leading, authoritative private driving instructor platform in Singapore with thousands of trainees served. Therefore we know what we are doing and only the best is provided.

start your driving lessons today

WhatsApp us at 8118 0135 to begin your driving lessons with one of our highly experienced Private Driving Instructors today.

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