Guide to Getting a Driving License & Class 3C to 3 Conversion

How to get a Driving License,

Suspended or Revoked License Reinstated, Foreign or Class 3C to 3 License Conversion in Singapore?


Enrolling as a student with us also includes us helping and guiding you the Step by Step process to Getting Your Driving License. Converting a Class 3C to 3 License or Reinstating your Suspended or Revoked Driving License & assigning you a Traffic Police, LTA Authorized Driving Instructor for your Traffic Police Test.

Don't know where or how to start?

We'll teach and guide you how to Step by Step. Simply Whatsapp Us at 8118 0135 to Enroll as a Student for the course.

Class 3C to 3 License Conversion Course

Your foreign worker holding a Class 3C license is NOT allowed to drive Lights Good vehicles, mini vans and small buses. You will require them to undergo a License conversion course. We provide the Class 3C to 3 conversion course here.

Suspension or Revocation of Driving License

You are not allowed to drive with a revoked or suspended driving license. Doing so is illegal. We can help you step by step in getting a new Driving License so you can drive on the road again. Helps Our Students With

1. Help with Theory Tests

2. Supplying Study Materials & Practice Papers

3. Help with Applying Required Leaner's License 

4. Arranging A Driving Instructor for you

5. Booking of Final Practical Exam

6. You getting a Singapore Driver's License

Refresher course, Driving License Conversion

Over 2,500+ students helped. Get your Driving License today!

experienced private driving instructors

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