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Class 3c driving license conversion in Singapore

Updated: Feb 13

You have a foreign worker holding a Class 3C license needing to convert into a Class 3 to be able to drive a light goods vehicle, company van or delivery job

You are a company and need your workers to get the Class 3 license so they can drive your company van or lorry? Fret not, we got you covered. Here at the process of conversion is simple for Class 3C license holders. The worker simply has to take a few driving lessons with us and then our instructor will book the Traffic Police test for them. Once your worker passes the practical test, he will then obtain the Class 3 driving license and can start driving for your company.

How many driving lessons must your worker attend? How much will it cost?

Here at, we have a no minimum lesson guarantee. Since your worker already knows how to drive and has driven before, we'll let him take only a few minimal lessons and allow him to go sit for the TP test already. An all-in estimate of ~650-750 is possible to complete the entire Class 3C conversion to Class 3.

We have successfully converted hundreds of foreign nationals holding foreign Class 3C license to Class 3. Workers from China, India, Malaysia, and Myanmar have all done it with us.

WhatsApp us at 8118 0135 to begin your driving lessons with one of our highly experienced, licensed Private Driving Instructors today:

  1. Worker's name and tel

  2. Location

  3. Nationality

And we will assist with the rest in helping your worker get started.

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