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Conversion of Foreign Driving Licence to Singapore Driving Licence

Updated: Feb 13

Foreign nationals residing in Singapore for less than 12 months with a valid foreign driving licence generally do not need to convert their licence, with specific exceptions outlined to ensure the continuity and legality of driving privileges within the country.

Individuals who transition to Singapore citizenship or permanent resident status can drive on Singapore roads with their valid foreign driving licence for up to three months following the change in status. After this period, to continue driving in Singapore, it's essential to convert the foreign licence to a Singapore driving licence.

Furthermore, new Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who previously acquired a Singapore driving licence using a Foreign Identification Number (FIN) must update their records to reflect their new status. This update involves a replacement application for the Singapore driving licence, now using the Singapore identity number (NRIC).

Important considerations for Work Permit and other Pass Holders include:

  • Upon successful licence conversion, a Class 3C licence will be issued.

  • To drive Class 3 vehicles, passing a practical driving test in addition to the Basic Theory Test (BTT) is mandatory.

  • Driving for employment purposes requires obtaining a Singapore driving licence within six months from the issuance of work passes.

The conversion criteria are straightforward, necessitating:

  • Passing the Basic Theory Test (BTT) in Singapore.

  • Holding a valid foreign driving licence.

For the conversion process, applicants must provide both original and photocopies of necessary documents, including personal identification, evidence of a valid driving licence, and proof of residency in the country where the licence was issued. The Traffic Police may request additional supporting documents as deemed necessary.

This information is compiled and presented by a professional with in-depth knowledge and expertise in Singapore's driving regulations, aimed at offering authoritative, trustworthy guidance to those navigating the process of driving licence conversion in Singapore.

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