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Driving in Singapore Over 65 Years Old

Updated: Feb 20

For Singapore Driving Licence holders aged 65 and above, ensuring road safety involves a mandatory health check to confirm fitness to drive. In line with this requirement, individuals are expected to undergo a medical examination conducted by a medical practitioner registered in Singapore. Approximately 8 weeks prior to turning 65, you should receive an official notification prompting you to schedule this important health assessment, alongside a medical form that needs to be filled out.

Should you not receive this letter or wish to get a head start on the process, the medical examination form is readily available for download from official sources.

Once completed, your medical examination report must be submitted to the Traffic Police digitally, in either JPEG or PDF format. This submission process not only allows for efficient handling but also enables you to monitor the progress of your application online.

For those holding licences in the Class 4A, 4, or 5 categories, following the acceptance of your medical report, you are eligible to schedule either a Proficiency Driving Test or an Enhanced Proficiency Driving Test. These tests can be booked at designated driving centres such as the Woodlands Driving Centre or the Singapore Safety Driving Centre, ensuring you meet the required standards for continued driving.

Licence categories Class 2B, 2A, 2, 3A, and 3 holders, upon being deemed fit to drive by a registered medical practitioner and after successful submission of the medical report, will be informed about the extension of their driving licence validity for another three years. This process of medical evaluation is recurrent every three years to maintain a high standard of road safety and driver health.

In instances where a medical report is not favorable, licence holders will be instructed on the necessary steps to surrender their Singapore Driving Licence, adhering to the protocols established for public safety.

This procedure underscores the commitment to maintaining a high standard of driver health and road safety in Singapore, reflecting the expertise and authoritative guidance provided by traffic regulation authorities to ensure trustworthiness and reliability in the licensing process for senior drivers.

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