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Driving For Foreigners Residing in Singapore for Less Than 12 Months

Updated: Feb 13

For foreigners residing in Singapore for a period shorter than 12 months, the regulations concerning the legality of driving on Singapore roads are clearly defined to ensure compliance with local driving laws. To maintain the integrity and safety of road usage, the following requirements are stipulated:

  • Holders of a foreign driving licence must also acquire an International Driving Permit (IDP), issued by an authorized body in their home country, to accompany their national driving licence.

  • In cases where an IDP is not obtainable, an official translation of the foreign driving licence into English is required. This translation must be conducted by a recognized authority, ensuring that the document accurately reflects the credentials of the original licence.

Notably, individuals from countries within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are exempt from the requirement to hold an IDP, provided they have a valid foreign driving licence.

Additionally, for those already in possession of a valid Singapore Driving Licence who require an IDP for driving outside of Singapore, the Automobile Association of Singapore offers a service to apply for this permit.

Should the need arise for an official translation of a foreign driving licence, and such services are not available through one's Embassy or High Commission, Singapore hosts a number of local registered translation companies capable of providing this service. This option ensures that all drivers on Singapore roads, regardless of their country of origin, meet the standards set forth for safe and legal driving within the country.

This guidance is built upon a foundation of expertise and authoritative knowledge in Singapore's driving regulations, aimed at ensuring trustworthiness and reliability for those navigating the requirements for driving as a foreign resident in Singapore.

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