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Driving License For People With Special Medical Conditions or Physical Disabilities in singapore

Updated: Feb 13

Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions or physical disabilities that could potentially affect their ability to safely operate a vehicle in Singapore are mandated to secure a professional evaluation of their fitness to drive. This process entails obtaining a certification from a medical practitioner registered in Singapore, who will assess whether the individual's health condition permits safe driving according to legal standards.

Furthermore, to ensure comprehensive evaluation and public safety, those individuals may also need to undergo additional assessments conducted by certified driving testers. These assessments are designed to meticulously evaluate the practical aspects of driving capability, confirming that the individual can safely navigate Singapore's roads.

This directive is grounded in the principles of ensuring the highest standards of road safety and accommodates individuals' needs while prioritizing public welfare. The process is informed by authoritative guidelines and is implemented with expertise, underscoring the commitment to maintain a safe driving environment for all residents and visitors in Singapore.

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