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Guide to Getting a Driving License in Singapore

Updated: Feb 13

How do I get a Driving License in Singapore? A Step-by-Step Guide.

You finally turned 18 and the first thing on your mind is, 'I'm 18 now! I am now of the legal drinking age. I can go drinking with my friends, clubbing, and oh wait, I can get my driver's license!'

Turning 18 is every teen's dream. Perhaps a newfound sense of freedom and independence is attained. A step and a closer glimpse towards adulthood. Getting a driver's license is everyone's dream, that one day you're able to own a car and drive anywhere you like with the freedom of your own vehicle and pace.

Now you might think, 'How and where do I get started?'

In Singapore, there are three test centers you can take your Basic Theory test from. That is the first step towards getting a Driving License. The three test centers are:

  1. Singapore Safety Driving Centre - Located North of Singapore


Address: 2 Woodlands Industrial Park E4, Singapore 757387

2. Bukit Batok Driving Centre Ltd - Located in the West of Singapore

Website: (www bbdc sg)

Adress: 815 Bukit Batok West Ave. 5, Singapore 659085

3. ComfortDelGro Driving Centre

Address: 205 Ubi Ave 4, Singapore 408805

After booking your basic theory test from one of these three test centers, you will then be required to pass the test. The test consists of 50 MCQ questions, with a score of 45/50 needed or 90% of the total test result to pass. You should really study hard for this test!

On the day of the test, you are to report to the test center. You will then be ushered into the computer room, verified as a test taker, and then the test will start. It is a computerized test and the result will show immediately upon submitting all your answers, so be prepared ahead!

Once you pass your basic theory test. You can now apply for your PDL. PDL simply means Provisional Driving License. That simply means that you now have a driving license that you can drive under the provision of a certified instructor. That is where comes in. We are a certified private driving instructor platform that introduces and matchmakes you to an instructor to start your practical driving lessons.

You might ask, why find a private driving instructor instead of doing the practical course at the test centers? By finding a private driving instructor you not only have the potential to save more than a thousand dollars as test centers have a minimum number of lessons to finish and attend because you can even attempt the final practical Traffic Police Test. Here

at sgdrivinginstructors, there is no minimum number of lessons to attend with us. Once you are ready and can drive confidently, the instructor will register you and let you sit for the final practical test. Thus for faster learners, you have the potential to not only save lots of money but also lots of time thus getting your driver's license within the shortest time possible.

Test centers are also jammed packed with thousands of students and so going that route will slow down months if not years of time to getting your driver's license. Getting lessons at these test centers is not an easy task at all with learners having to wait for an average of three months per lesson. By then, you would have already forgotten how to drive with all that waiting time in between your lessons!

While you take your driving lessons, you can simultaneously apply for your Final Theory Test. There are only two theory tests to pass, and this is the latter and final one. The final theory test likewise consists of 50 MCQ questions with a similar minimum score of 45/50 or 90% to pass the test. Once you have passed it, you have now completed all your theory tests and the next thing left to do is to master your actual driving and sit for the final practical test, the TP or Traffic Police test!

So what is this Traffic Police test? Once you have mastered driving well, your instructor will book this TP test for you. On the day of your TP test, the instructor will leave his car with you and the Traffic Police officer will hop in sitting next to you. He will have his notes, and a marking sheet to deduct any demerit points you might make during the test. You will have to complete the circuit at the test centers and also drive outside along the test routes showcasing all the skills that you've learned throughout your driving lessons.

Beware! You must not get 20 demerit points or break any automatic failure rules. Doing so means you have failed the test and will have to retake the test again. Learners like yourself are often nervous as understandably it is all your first time driving and taking such a test. Worry not, as Sgdrivinginstructors, all our instructors are Traffic Police certified, authorized, and licensed with a minimum of 35 years of experience. So you are in good hands, and we are here to ensure that you pass your TP test with flying colours. Helps Our Students With

1. Help with Theory Tests

2. Supplying Study Materials & Practice Papers

3. Help with Applying the Required Leaner's License

4. Arranging A Driving Instructor for you

5. Booking of Final Practical Exam

6. You getting a Singapore Driver's License

Class 3C to 3 License Conversion Course...

Your foreign worker holding a Class 3C license is NOT allowed to drive Lights Good vehicles, mini vans and small buses. You will require them to undergo a License conversion course. We provide the Class 3C to 3 conversion course here.

Suspension or Revocation of Driving License..

You are not allowed to drive with a revoked or suspended driving license. Doing so is illegal. We can help you step by step in getting a new Driving License so you can drive on the road again.

WhatsApp us at 8118 0135 to begin your driving lessons with one of our highly experienced, licensed Private Driving Instructors today.

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