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Refresher driving in Singapore

Updated: Feb 13

Passing and obtaining your driver's license in your early twenties or thirties, has happened to most of us. Subsequently not driving for the next five, ten or even fifteen years after obtaining your driver's license? Now that is a cause for concern.

After a couple of years of not driving, one will not remember the road rules and how to handle a car. Just as an athlete requires constant practice to be good at a sport, driving does too. There are so many aspects of driving to take note of and saving a few hundred dollars instead of getting a Certified Refresher course like the one we provide here at is simply not worth it. Why risk the accident, why risk damaging the brand new car you're about to purchase? Worse, why risk your life?

Our top-tier Traffic Police instructors are here to provide you with the best refresher driving experience to not only help you refresh your memory and rusty driving skills but also to help you get out there on the road confidently.

Vertical and parallel parking, merging and switching lanes, overtaking other cars, blind spot checks and road rules you would use every day in a normal scenario are all covered in our refresher course.

Rates start from $65/hr, it is definitely not something that is worth saving on. Lives are at stake, your and your family's safety should be your priority. Can't wait to get your new car in a couple of weeks' time but haven't driven in ages? Don't hesitate, do engage us for a refresher course today.

For the expats new to Singapore, unfamiliar with the roads, wanting to drive here, buy a car here? Fret not, we got you covered as well. Our instructors will help you get accustomed to and acquainted with the road rules and driving ethics here in Singapore.

WhatsApp us at 8118 0135 to begin your driving lessons with one of our highly experienced, licensed Private Driving Instructors today with your:

  1. Your name

  2. Location

And we'll let you know our fixed rates and meeting points for our refresher course.

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