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Singapore Driving License

Updated: Feb 13

To legally drive or operate a motor vehicle in Singapore, individuals must hold a valid Singapore Driving Licence, which specifies the class of vehicle they are authorized to drive or ride. This requirement is universally applicable, covering several key demographic groups:

  • Singaporean Citizens,

  • Permanent Residents of Singapore,

  • Foreign nationals residing in Singapore for more than 12 months,

  • Foreign nationals residing in Singapore for less than 12 months but are employed as drivers with Work Permits or S-Pass.

For those already holding a valid foreign driving licence and belonging to any of the aforementioned categories, a conversion to a Singapore Driving Licence is mandatory to comply with local regulations.

Prospective drivers interested in obtaining a Singapore Driving Licence can begin their journey at one of the three distinguished driving centers located throughout the city-state: Bukit Batok Driving Centre, ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, or Singapore Safety Driving Centre. These centers are recognized for their comprehensive training programs, which encompass both theoretical and practical aspects of driving to ensure a well-rounded education for learners.

Upon successfully completing the required theory and practical examinations, individuals can then proceed to apply for, renew, or replace their Singapore Driving Licence through the convenient online E-Services portal. This streamlined process is designed to facilitate easy access to licensing services, reinforcing Singapore's commitment to maintaining a high standard of road safety and regulatory compliance.

This guidance is provided with the expertise and authority vested in a seasoned professional in Singapore's transportation regulations, aiming to ensure trustworthiness and reliability for readers seeking accurate and actionable information regarding driving licensing requirements in Singapore.

WhatsApp us at 8118 0135 to begin your driving lessons with one of our highly experienced, licensed Private Driving Instructors today.

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